H. MacASKiLL – visual art

current projects

art cards

Art Card reproductions of drawings and paintings are sold at
Nelson Museum Archives & Gallery


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trail stitching

an ongoing digital image journal of treks through SE BC landscapes

giveout creek – temporal decorrelation

a visual journal of the seasonal ebb and flow of Giveout Creek

self-portrait as invasive species

the footprints of one human exploring the mountainous terrain of SE BC


digital images of flora as points of departure for paintings in oil and acrylic

written in stone

historic typography in mixed media

past projects

The River To N°W

drawing on the Columbia's history

triangulating infinity

an exploration of a cartographic technique

colour in code

exploring additive colour in html code

A digital image is a matrix – an array of columns and rows – of RGB values.
The array of columns and rows (X,Y) begins in the UL corner at (0,0).
Hover over the Sunflower to see the X,Y values displayed at the bottom of your desktop screen.