H. MacASKiLL – visual art

triangulating infinity

an exploration of a cartographic technique

artist statement

This TIN series involves working on the micro level with a macro data set, using drafting graphite in the H values, on surfaces of varying texture. This is a departure from my usual observational approach to drawing; an exploration of a cartographic technique with focus an intentional consequence.

A TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network) is a surface modelling technique using irregularly-spaced points to interpolate values in mapping. I have applied the process of Delaunay Triagulation to vector-based data; specifically, astronomical (x,y) data, rather than terrestrial (x,y,z) data, normally used for digital terrain modelling, with some adjustment (creative license) to benefit the drawing.

These drawings were exhibited in Language of Drawing at the Kootenay Gallery in 2011, and curated by Helen Sebelius.